Bank Holiday

Here at Woodserve we do try and consider the public at all times. We have a heavy workload and would really like to crack on . However its the last bank hol for a good while so enjoy the peace and quiet we have provided. We are still working though,the crews have been given the choice and many of them have opted to work on some of our woodland projects. DK.


Woodserve has experienced such demand for stumpgrinding services that we have decided to set up a new website just for that. look out soon for . We hope to include some interesting features not normally known about this specialised activity.

Log Store

Woodserve are pleased to announce that several new products will soon be added to our online firewood stores @ and . Items will include log stores,log stores and firewood assembled and stacked at the customers residence and fire in a bag containing everything needed for an evening in by your fireside.

Nesting Birds

As we approach the autumnal equinox it has been interesting, if not a little frustrating, to see that some of our common british birds are still nesting.Today we have had to abandon a job in the scunthorpe area due to several nesting birds. Perhaps the dry spring delayed nesting. It is always important to undertake a pre inspection climb to establish the extent of the habitat,especially for bat activity.We at woodserve have been thinking of inviting an expert down to give a talk to the crews to help expand on our knowledge. The change in climate also changes the wildlife so we have to adapt just like them.

Firewood sales

The slight shift towards autumnal weather has shifted peoples thoughts to keeping warm this winter and today we have 2 vehicles out deliverin logs.We have hundreds of tons of seasoned logs in stock but something tells me we actually come close moving all that this season,especially if we have another bad winter and what with gas prices as they are.No Christmas dinner again for me this winter then.

Inclement weather

Its on days like these that you need a bit of luck when planning the work schedule.luckily the crews are out on hedge trimming and in the woods.Days like these are part of the job you just have to dig in and accept that your going to get wet.On bigger jobs we have to consider safety for the workers and the public.Summer soon seems like a distant memory.

Troubled oak update

For those of you who have been waiting on a update for the troubled oak we can report that the local tree officer has asked us to carry out a climbing inspection with photographic records prior to deciding on the best course of action.Will show the photos on here for a greater insight.