Winter 2012-13 Weather Forecast

Those of you who respect and follow James Madden’s long range weather forecasts will be quite alarmed at what is being predicted.

Winter 2012-13

I strongly emphasised on the strong winds throughout the winter period of 2011/12 in August, before any other suggestions from any other forecaster. I also suggest that unusually strong winds will again be problematic at times during the upcoming autumn/winter period too.

As for next winter, the Met Office representation/scientist who stated “we are currently expecting a series of milder winters” will be incorrect about the upcoming 2012/2013 winter (Aired BBC 2 – 6th November 2011).

I also expect that the “series of milder winters” statement was made due to the unexpected rise in solar activity during the late part of 2011, and the expected rises being forecast by other professional bodies for the future (when I have consistently argued otherwise).

I expect large parts of this winter to be very cold and exceptionally snowy in comparison to last year (forecasting confidence is quite high). I also expect these conditions to arrive earlier, rather than later this winter. There may even be the potential for some of the coldest/snowiest conditions in at least a century at times within the upcoming winter. More detailed information to follow on this shortly in the UK winter 2012-13 forecast/updates.

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